The #1 List of Team Building Activities in Boston

At Epic Team Building Boston, we work to make a very relatable and comprehensive list of the top team building activities and companies available in Boston, Massachusetts. We do this by breaking down different forms of team building and going further to specify examples of how these different forms can be implemented. This article will engage you on the importance of team building while recommending effective activities and reliable companies that will enhance the culture of team building in your workspace. Therefore, any company looking to achieve truly epic team building experiences in Boston will surely find this article interesting. The companies and activities here will simply open your team to a world of relaxing and engaging experiences.

Everyone agrees that team building is important, even without being able to technically explain the specific importance. And every company and organization need to afford their members truly fulfilling team building experiences, for more collective productivity. Team building activities generally improves teamwork and help co-workers understand one another better. These activities are by nature relaxed, fun, and help team members see one another in a different, human light, which fosters a genuine connection between them and enhances their bond. This will motivate their desire to work together and ultimately, achieve better results at work! You definitely want to engage in these epic activities with your teammates. And as a company, you want your workers to experience them too. This is where we come in.

This article will open your company/team to the most interesting team building options you can engage in, while in the city of Boston. The activities presented in this article are different in nature, which means your team/company can select the one(s) which give you the best team building experience at a suitable time.

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The Best Epic Team Building Activities in Boston:

In considering what makes the best team building experience in Boston, a lot of factors are to be considered. These factors include the nature of the event, the impact of such an event of the employees, or what they aim to achieve from such experience, as well as additional factors like the location and the price. In no particular order, we have listed for you below what we consider the most epic team building activities in Boston.

1. Let’s Roam Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Top Rated in Boston]

Boston company on a let's roam team builder scavenger hunt

Let's Roam takes your team through an amazing adventure. The corporate team building scavenger hunts specifically to your team in Boston will be crafted for you by the app, where the creators will skillfully match a scavenger hunt for your team, suitable for any season. These adventures have been designed to ultimately boost morale, enhance productivity, and bond within your team!

Let’s Roam includes corporate scavenger hunt activities that will lead your team to certain landmarks and gems. They also include different roles and challenges for team members during these hunts, which give all team members the opportunity to participate in the team building activities. Let’s Roam also contains a dedicated event planner for companies and teams, after booking, and contains the feature of customization, which allows you to add a company trivia for example. Clients that have participated in these epic scavenger hunts in the past include Nike, Wells Fargo, Microsoft and McDonald’s.

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2. Corporate Team Outings/Bar Hunts – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Team on a Boston team building scavenger hunt

Bar Hunt practically gives your team an outdoor bar-exploring adventure in Boston by lading your team to a number of highly-rated bars in the city, giving you the opportunity to bond while having a cool drink and engaging in team bonding games and events simultaneously. It gives your team the best nightlife experience that allows team members to let loose a bit and enjoy what Boston has to offer in terms of comfortable and credible bars.

The app (Bar Hunt) leads your team to four exciting bars that offer different vibes, allowing for more flexibility in team bonding for your company, and the opportunity to enjoy multiple forms of bar hunt experiences in the great city of Boston.

As your team is being led to different locations, you will be required to engage in different events as a team, which include fun and exciting photo and video challenges, games, and other events that are specific to each bar you and team find yourselves.

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3. Fenway Park

The Fenway Park is one of the recreational venues in the Boston Area, which, can accommodate multiple people at once. Corporate teams can decide to have a sporting experience, as one of their team building activities. Sports have been known to be one of the most positive instruments used in bringing people together, and the home of the Boston Red Sox will be no different for corporate teams.

4. Boston Paintball

Paintball generally allows you to strategize under pressure in a fun atmosphere with your teammates, and for this reason, it qualifies as a great teambuilding experience. This experience can be felt at Boston Paintball, which has a lot of other game options. Boston Paintball has more than three locations across the Boston area, which gives room for more and more corporate teams to experience interesting team building experiences.

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5. The Murder Mystery Co.

The Murder Mystery Co. is an organization that helps you and your team sit back and relax while they bring the team building activities to you. They organize office parties that allow team members to have fun at the office. They set the stage for an interactive show, and have members of the team also play vital roles. The play is usually about solving a fictional crime.

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Wildly Fun Team Building Activities in Boston

Your team can also engage in team building activities that are high level of fun in Boston which gives you a purely fun experience filled with a series of events and games that are made to keep your team amped up and in high spirits throughout the experience.

6. Bar Hunt by

Boston employees on a corporate bar crawl

For this segment, we turn to “Bar Hunt" Let’s Roam “Bar Crawl" activity. It takes your team through a series of games and events filled with challenges which your team can be engaged in, to afford you a wildly fun team building experience at various bars.

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7. Improv Asylum

Improv Asylum (IA) is an organization that stands for helping teams communicate and trust one another better. It helps teams identify the traits they need to work on and develop within themselves, in order to get better as a team. IA does this by creating corporate events and making every member of a team see the reason why the team lacks what it lacks, and how its members can work collectively to make it better. This is a prime example of team building. The team-building activities organized by IA also includes fun and interesting activities like comedy shows, and other similar activities relevant in bringing a team together.

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8. Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders exists for active groups who are interested in a bit of a physical challenge. It stands as a facility of about 40,000 square feet, in Somerville (near Boston). It is equipped with different forms and degrees of climbing activities, including top-roping, lead climbing, bouldering, etc.

Climbing is an outdoor skill that is engaged in or learned by a team, for the purpose of team building. Companies can rent out sections of the facility in order to organize company events that involve relevant team member in the available climbing activities, as well as other activities that can always be included in the list of events.

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9. The Trivia Factory

This location has a more extensive outlook to it, beyond Boston. It has over ninety venues, cutting across about 15 states. It hosts trivia nights where your team can participate in the challenging rounds of questions, as you are pushed towards the boundaries of working under pressure as a team. It provides an indeed exhilarating experience in team building.

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10. Archery Games Boston

This location allows for active fun activities to be engaged in by your team. It is the only arena for combat archery in the Boston area and offers action packed experiences necessary and vital for team building. Teams are divided into two and allowed to battle with bows and arrows with foam tips. Companies can rent out the space for team building, and it can accommodate as many as 100 team members.

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11. Trapology Boston

This is an escape room in Boston, where teams are given 1 hour to follow certain clues (difficult ones) and solve brain tasking puzzles in order to escape. This exercise serves as your team event and is indeed a team building exercise in every sense. Teams are given the option of selecting one out of five different forms of the escape exercise. A team of the team engages in the activity at a time.

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Outdoor Team Building Ideas and Team Building Scavenger Hunts IN Boston

Outdoor activities are undoubtedly highly effective in team building, especially for corporate teams looking to enhance their team building experience, this is because it offers a different perspective from usual corporate events, which are not famous to be outdoorsy. Therefore, when your company is looking to have the perfect outdoor team building experience through outdoor scavenger hunts in Boston, a very reliable point of reference will be

12. Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Team on a Boston team building scavenger hunt

Without mincing words, gives your team an epic team building experience, in every sense of the word.

The team building Scavenger Hunt activities available on this platform are perfectly suitable for teams that are willing to bond through shared collective experiences. It contains activities that are designed in a way that builds trust in a team, allows for better and more effective communication, and other advantages that you may never even see coming! The platform also contains games and activities that are tailored towards team building in terms of allowing for trust and communication between old and new members of a team. This is usually achieved by assigning custom/specific roles to team members or directing specific questions to members of the team, during their outdoor activities. will surely give your team the full Boston experience by matching your team bonding exercises with the different city locations your team finds itself!

Scavenger Hunts under also affords your team the option of customizing some of your games and team challenges, like integrating trivia specific to your company, and customizing your planned routes and pit stops in the city, during your team building exercises.

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13. Blue Hills Reservation

While Blue Hills Reservation is technically located just outside of Boston, it still remains a team-building destination for companies located in Boston, particularly for a company retreat. It has a size of about 7,000 acres and has a 125-mile trail for exploration. It includes a variety of outdoor activities in its huge environs, including hiking mountain biking, horseback riding, swimming, golfing, etc. The outdoor activities available have a lot of activity levels, which will be suitable for teams with a lot of members who have different preferences. Ultimately, it serves as a good opportunity to get the team out together and bond on different levels, enjoying a relaxing and recreational experience as a team.

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14. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero is a Team Building company in Boston that will be of help if you are looking for a good team building experience. While the earlier highlighted platforms in this article are the most recommended, Team Building Hero is definitely one to be considered. The company has a bunch of interesting corporate event ideas that can help a team’s bonding experience in general. These corporate event ideas include tours, storytelling gatherings, and other similar events. They also have a few advantages, including planning multiple events, just like the Let’s Roam platform highlighted above. To an extent, they can also help in customizing your team building experience to the specificities of your team/company.

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15. Paddle Boston

This location affords your team the opportunity to get away from the office for a while and engage each other in the outdoors. It allows teams to spend time together relaxing while getting to know one another better. It also includes the avenue to raise the team building activity tempo by booking a canoe or a kayak, which your team can experience and enjoy with an expert guide. It also allows for having a good meal while your team relaxes.

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16. Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden, which is historically regarded as the first public botanical garden in America is a good location for team building experiences. The presence of natural elements like fountains, lagoons, and floral features of the environment serve as effective features of a relaxing environment for your team. The garden is a perfect location for light outdoor activities that create a very strong bond within a team, which is very essential for effective team building.

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17. The Brattle

In terms of local attractions that will be suitable for outdoor team building activities, The Brattle is definitely a notable one. It is an iconic cinema house located in Harvard Square in Boston. It is an ideal venue for meetings and parties, which are events that add to a good team building experience. A team containing a good number of moviegoers and film enthusiasts will find this location relaxing and on a number of times, spirit filling too. Teams can also use this venue to host team-building lectures that require multimedia displays, a corporate event that can also feature moderate eating and drinking, and ultimately serve as a relaxation experience for team members. This is also advantageous to team building. The size and structural set up of the venue also makes it possible to accommodate really large teams and achieve a maximum experience of team building.

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18. Tug-of-War

The Tug-of-War is a simple and equally fun game. In this game, two teams will compete against each other, with a team consisting of five to eight players. A rope is used in this game, and each team holds the rope of opposite ends by its members. Each team pulls the rope in its direction, aiming to pull the other team to its side. The team that successfully does this wins. This game is beneficial to team building as everyone gives their all while working together as a team to achieve a result. It sends a subconscious message to the team members that things are better achieved when people work together. Therefore, while your team enjoys a good lesson in team building, you get to have fun too! Epic!

19. Human Knot

The human knot consists of about 10 -20 members participating in it. The participants form a circle, making it as small as possible. All members of the circle hold on tight to each other, in a way by which you reach across to hold another person, and not holding the person next to you. The circle becomes tangled after this, achieving a knot. The objective of the game then becomes to untangle everyone without letting go of their hands. The team that untangles first wins the game. The activity allows the team to think together as one in order to achieve the result of untangling one another. Communication is a very useful tool here, a trait that will enhance the team’s productivity in the workplace.

Boston Team Building Activities with Food & Drink

Boston’s food scene is one of the best in the world, with a melting pot of cuisines to taste your way through. Everyone loves to eat, which makes these food-centric corporate team building activities so much fun.

20. Bar Crawl & Food Tours – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Boston employees on a corporate bar crawl

A little something to eat here and there certainly won’t hurt team building, especially when down with a nice bottle or simple glass of your favorite drink. which has been mentioned above is still the reliable option to point you towards places that can afford you the full team building experience of having something to eat and drink while you engage in proper team building exercises and events. The highly-rated Boston bars you will be directed to by are more than enough to spice up your team building activities with suitable foods and drinks, keeping up the team’s energy to match the required spirits.

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21. Explore Howl at the Moon

For a lively and fun team building experience, Howl at the Moon is another location in Boston that comes positively recommended. It is a location suitable for corporate events with a touch of style. It is a positively reviewed bar in the financial district of Boston which styles of entertainment that are quite corporate-friendly. Teams can visit this venue to collectively enjoy live performances of music in different genres, by its in-house music performers, whose capabilities are flexible, across the music industry. They perform both cover songs and original songs that can be very entertaining to your team and enhance your team building. Specific requests can also be made by your company if the corporate event intended to be held at the venue is to be more elaborate, as Howl at the Moon offers different packages for different scales of corporate events.

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22. Alice’s Table

As the name implies, the team building activities offered by Alice’s Table are creative and unique activities that can be achieved simply by participating around flower arrangements. The company has a good number of staff members that can engage in discussions with you in order to plan your team building event along with you. The plans can be made at your company or virtually, prior to the date of your corporate event. Alice’s Table has worked with a number of notable companies in planning short but effective team building events that only take a couple of hours, and achieve epic results. Alice’s Table also adds a bonus of allowing your team to take home the flower arrangements with you after the team building event held at the venue. Food and drinks are also served on location.

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Virtual Team Building Activities for Boston Companies

Virtual team building activities are also very important in achieving an epic team building experience. Virtual team building activities are the most possible kinds of team building activities to keep running over an extended period of time, as team members do not have to physically be present in order to participate in them.

23. Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builder

Boston based team boing a virtual team building event

It will not be overstating it to say that this Let’s Roam product is the most suitable for your team to experience a truly epic team building exercise. It is the perfect option for remote teams and contains features that allow you to bring your team together to collectively experience team building virtually. When utilizing this platform for your team building experience, you have the opportunity to transform just about every physical team building experience to a virtual one, and still feel all the team bonding advantages that come with physical team building exercises. It gives you just as an epic experience, and all the added benefits, including the morale-boosting and productivity-enhancing in the workplace.

The platform serves as an all-in-one kind, which also contains the necessary games and activities aimed at achieving the same goal of an epic team building experience. The platform is embedded with the best possible features to make this possible, including the inclusion of video chat features, online games (in different forms, including trivia games, virtual charades, etc.). One major advantage of engaging in virtual team building activities is that it takes away the physical stress involved in outdoor team building and the likes, and still achieve similar results. Just like the other segments of Let’s Roam, it also allows for certain degrees of customization, including company-specific trivia and company- preferred game options.

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25. Hosting A Virtual Meet-Up

Hosting a virtual meet-up is a good way for a company to engage in team building on a relatively constant level. This is because it does not necessarily involve any excessive activities, and can be made unique in different ways. It serves as a good way to connect with the parties in the company’s network, including clients, investors, industry partners, etc.

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26. Act it Out (Over Zoom)

This game involves teams acting out a short skit. After being a few minutes to prepare, the team comes up with an acting sequence related to a word that has been given to them earlier. This is a great team building activity, as it gives team members the opportunity to work closely together and be creative within a limited time, and share ideas with one another.


27. Two Truths and a Lie

In this team building activity, everyone will be split into different teams, where each team takes its turn. A member of a team states three things they have supposedly done before. Two out of these three things will be true, and one will be false. The opposing teams will try to guess which one of the facts is a lie, and the aims will be to make sure they do not get it right. This team building activity directly tells team members what they have previously not known about one another, which makes for a more intimate workspace at work, born out of having fun.



Team building goes a long way in increasing productivity and creating a supportive workplace. Management gurus have good reason to stress on team building activities to boost morale and build trust among coworkers.

While every event mentioned above may not suit your needs, it is up to you to pick an event that is ideal for you. We at Epic Team Building San Francisco are happy to answer your questions and make this process as easy on you as possible!

Epic Team Building Boston: Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or planning an event in Boston? Let us know and we will answer it here! We are happy to answer all your questions about team building, corporate events and company culture.

Have a question or planning an event in Boston? Let us know and we will answer it here! We are happy to answer all your questions about team building, corporate events and company culture.

What is the most epic team building activity in Boston?

Let’s Roam Corporate Team Building Scavenger hunts definitely has the most epic team building activities in Boston. Thanks to their focus on large customized events for your organization.

What should I keep in mind when planning an epic team builder?

While preparing for a team building experience, the basic things to consider in planning an epic team builder are company expertise, experience and something exciting that will get the blood pumping, all of which you can get on Let’s Roam. The results will positively reflect on your team building activity, whichever ones you engage in!

How do I know which Boston epic team builder is right for my company?

Your company’s specific goals must be integrated into each team building activity. This is one of the most important criteria to watch out for. Pick an epic team building company that allows customization and provides dedicated staff that can plan your event flawlessly. Listen to your heart, mind, and gut!